Brand Spotlight – Gunna Ydri

Brand Spotlight – Gunna Ydri

What I love about Gunna, apart from her being super friendly and interesting to chat to, is her very distinctive style and unique products; her bright colours and simple patterns that ooze retro, character and charm.  Gunna has taken time out from her busy schedule to write a little about herself, so that you understand a little bit more behind the artist.

I am a Danish textile-print designer living and working in my North London.

I started my business Gunna Ydri one and a half year ago, after having my third child. I could see then a gap in the market for handmade products with a Scandinavian Retro feel.

I have worked as a freelance print designer for high street companies in the UK and abroad for many years, but this has been the first time I have taken my own products to market. So as you can imagine I love every second of the whole process.

I grew up in a small town in Denmark chasing trolls and climbing trees, in fact most of my time growing up was spent outdoors. I loved the surrounding forest and lakes, I very much cherished the sense of freedom I had. It is in contrast to where I live now in London with its huge energy and vibrant mix of people, which on its own right fascinates and inspires me.

I love anything to do with sustainability, and if I had it my way I would probably live on a remote farm somewhere growing my own vegetables and keeping a herd of animals. I enjoy the outdoors chilling out with my family and I am mad about home-baked fruit pies.  I want to enjoy every day.  I have a real passion for Scandinavian children’s literature and I can watch the felt puppet Moomins’ movies for hours on end.  As a child of the 70’s I treasure my parents’ orange heart wallpaper and their yellow kitchen units.

One of my goals is to keep expanding my product line and be able to print on fabric rolls, so I can branch into kids’ bed linen and other larger products. I like to challenge myself and am grateful for being able to create and work with something I truly love!

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