In the beginning……

In the beginning……

Retro Kids was created following a decision made to take voluntary redundancy.   The company I worked for were making significant staff cut backs and compulsory redundancy was warned.  So, in December 2013, I purchased the domain name with the idea to create a one-stop shop of quirky and retro inspired children’s products.

Being a mother of two small girls, Erin (almost 4) and Florence (almost 2), I wanted to combine my love of retro style and create that work-life balance we all crave, that just wasn’t achievable in my previous role.  My idea blossomed having spotted a gap in the market for retro style products for kids and the idea of becoming my own boss seemed an attractive prospect.

I love Scandinavian design, the vibrant colours and fun bold design appeals greatly to me.

The fun began searching for all the products and doing the design work for the logo and website build.  The process really brought out my creative side and I was heavily involved in all design work.

Then came the boring bits like packaging ordering, legality side, postage calculations, invoicing and account keeping!

After that, the very hard work of inputting the website text and product image upload…….


There very nearly wasn’t a Retro Kids!

I’m still not quite at the stage of laughing about this story.  But, not to be a spoil sport I’ll let you know the inner depths of my despair and initial nightmare at what should have been the long awaited and celebrated website launch…for your reading enjoyment at least.

At the point of launch number 1, the development page developed a bug which directed the whole site to a You Tube video of Justin Bieber playing basketball.  Now, I know this could have been a lot worse, A LOT WORSE.  But, not what you need right before launch.


Justin was finally eradicated, but not before it had negatively affected some of the text and photo images, which meant some [tears] long hours re-uploading and rewording the website.

Now, after doing all that work (in half term) you’d think I was ready to open that bottle of champagne that was getting very cold….and believe me, I was.

However, at the point of launch number 2 and eagerly awaiting to open that bottle of fizz, for some unknown reason (and I was beginning to think that this site was cursed) the system crashed halfway through trying to launch it.  In addition, a problem occurred with the back-up.  The only backup that could be used was the one that had been successfully made the week before………. which meant all that work had be redone [and more tears!]

Finally, and like any good story, there is a happy ending and the website I’m pleased to say launched on 18th April.  Hurrah!!

And here it is….I hope you like!

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