Pulse Trade Show London

Pulse Trade Show London

Sunday night saw me travelling down with my Mum to attend the Pulse Trade Show.  I wanted to meet my lovely suppliers in person Kay Vincent from Ketchup On Everything and Helen Gordon from well Helen Gordon as well as Julia Koorn from ‘Cherry Pick For Kids’ who was promoting the gorgeous ‘My Little Day’ (agent for the wonderful brand Lapin & Me).  Life’s a Party Engel stand was as colourful in real life as their products in pictures.

We very nearly didn’t make it though as disaster nearly struck before we even got on the train.  Imagine the scene..[me head stuck in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook] following without question my Mum onto the train.  I spotted someone was in our reserved seats (or so I thought) and wondering how to politely bring up this fact (or so I thought), I asked in the typically British awkward way if we had the right seat numbers, when the Scottish man replied that yes he had booked them for Edinburgh ages ago.

Edinburgh! Within two seconds I’d grabbed my overnight rucksack, along with my Mum and her ‘weekend bag’ with literally a second to spare before the train door closed for the final time.  It transpired, we were on the right platform at the right time, the train just happened to make an unusual stop there.  Minutes later our train arrived and we managed to laugh about the incident and Mum managed to order her replacement book that she had left on the train heading towards Edinburgh before the 15 minutes free browsing expired!

There were some great brands on show and it was a really enjoyable trip, I only wished I’d taken more snaps.  We managed to meet up with my brother who lives in London and enjoyed a fantastic Lebonese meal.

Other fanastic and interesting brands were on show and some that caught my eye were Hokolo, Scamp, Dicky Bird, Madam Chalet and Becky Baur.

I walked away with some orders placed and my adorable Dick Bruna Miffy cards!  We had time to spare before our train home so we headed to Camden Stables Market to check out the retro and vintage shops and lovely street food.  Had a blast and Mum came home with a 1950’s bag :-).

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