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Trip to Bruges and a peak at some Retro shops!

Trip to Bruges and a peak at some Retro shops!

We have just returned from a very happy and relazing family trip to celebrate our daughter’s second birthday.  We took a ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge and drove to Lille.  If you haven’t made the trip, I’d highly recommend.  We had a fantastic two night stay in Lille meeting up with our lovely Dutch friends and enjoyed a trip to the local zoo and park where I managed (unintentially) to find the biggest balloon ever!  Enjoyed a spot of my favourite past time scowering in Retro & Vintage shops!  On our way back we couldn’t resist a trip (back) to Bruges, a small medieval town close to the ferry port in Belguim.  We [erin especially] enjoyed some chocolate sampling and armed with more chocolate to sink a ship (excuse the pun) we made our way back to the ferry port for home, stopping along the way for another browse in yet more wonderful retro shops ;-).

I leave you with a quote…..’A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands’ !

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