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Wild Pines Wooden Train Set

Who doesn't love a Train Set ?? Love this wooden Wild Pines inspired wooden Train Set from the lovely Tender Leaf Toys. This 30 piece track allows for creative layouts and endless storytelling.

The wonderful character of all the different parts make this train set truly charming and it provides hours of fun and learning through play for a little one. A tree nursery shows trees at different stages of growth, and the track part with 3 big firs will block the track unless they are rotated out of the way, making this train set educational as well as fully functional and fun. 

Pick up logs and timber magnetically with the rotating loader vehicle and load one of the back carriages, but beware of the bear fishing in the lake for fish! 

  • Size: 94 cm x 63 cm x 16 cm
  • Suitable for 3 years +
  • Delivery: due to its size this item will be delivered via a Tracked Service; so if you have other items in your order, you will receive 2 parcels.