Gunner & Lux

Gunner & Lux are an American brand and a Father and Daughter team selling both adult and children’s one of a kind necklaces.
Jon started collecting vintage jewelry for his five-year old daughter Riley when she was born, knowing there would be a time when she would want to play “dress up” while she danced her way to an imaginary costume ball. Since neither of her dads wear jewelry, they searched thrift stores, antique stores, and asked friends and family for jewelry that they didn’t use. Within just a few short months they had collected a treasure chest of amazing jewels.

As their daughter grew, Riley picked out the jewels she wanted to keep, and Jon decided to try his hand at crafting a one-of-a-kind necklace. Riley wanted to watch, and before Jon knew it, she was helping him create the necklace putting her fine motor skills to use!

….and that is how Gunner & Lux and LITTLE LUX was born! START COLLECTING YOURS NOW!

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