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'Home Sweet Home' Cross Stitch Embroidery board Kit

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Home Sweet Home has been displayed in homes for years, stitch your own modern cross stitch version with this kit by Cotton Clara.

With a simple Scandinavian feel, this natural ply board stitched with turquoise thread makes the perfect addition to any little ones playroom or bedroom.

This embroidery kit is an embroidery kit with a difference. With the pattern laser cut onto plywood, instead of stitching onto fabric, you are stitching onto a wooden board.  This board spells out ‘Home Sweet Home’. With the pattern ready cut for you, you can’t go wrong so this is perfect for beginners. 

Children should always be supervised if making the kit.

The kit includes Embroidery Needle, Wooden Plyboard, Embroidery yarn, Handing cord, Instructions.

All packed in a lovely gift box.

  • Suitable Ages: 8+ (due to the needle)
  • Size: 16.5 x 21cm
  • Made in the UK