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Make Your Own Letter Banner Set (Gold) - OMM design

Make Your Own Letter Banner Set (Gold) - OMM design

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OMM design

Make your own letter banner set in gold - multi lingual, by Omm Design.

This box contains all you need to make your own letter banner. Perfect for kids room decor or as party decorations which can be used and changed year after year! Welcome a new baby into the world, celebrate a birthday, state who's room it is or just display your favourite saying!

  • 122 cardboard letters & symbols, elastic string, metal clips
  • box contains 5xA, 3xB, 2xC, 3xD, 7xE, 2xF, 3xG, 3xH, 4xI, 2xJ, 2xK, 4xL, 4xM, 4xN, 4xO, 3xP, 2xQ, 4xR, 5xS, 4xT, 3xU, 2xV, 2xW, 1xX, 2xY, 1xZ, 2xÌÉ, 2xÌã, 2xÌÐ, 2x̠, 2xÌ÷, 1xÌÜ, 1xÌø, 1xÌÏ, 2xÌÙ, 1x?Õ, 1xÌà, 1xÌÔ, 1x&, 1x !, 1x?, 2x' and 18 symbols 
  • gold colour
  • letters 8cm high, symbols 5cm high
  • keep away from children under 3 years of age, contains small parts.

Produced by OMM design.


OMM design