Mini Play Purse - Play Purse

Mini Play Purse - Play Purse

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Play Purse

Completely nostalgic and very retro are these adorable minibeaded play purses by Independent London brand Play Purse, these are handmade and are made inlimited edition series which means if you fancy buying one now; you ought to as they may never be available again!

Measures 8 x 11 cm

Choose between the following colour options;

  • Pink Lurex
  • Blue Lurex
  • Orange Lurex
  • Navy Lurex
  • Pale Lurex
  • Black Cat - brand new design

Perfect not just for kids but also little adults (I use mine for my keys and cards and super cute on rare nights out!) Kids love to use them for their pocket money or 'play shops'. They make the perfect little nostalgic gift - who remembers picking the beads off as a child?!! For this reason, we state not suitable for children under 3 years.




Please note, if you are purchasing only a play purse and the quantity fit into a large letter size you will automatically after shipment be refunded the true cost of postage but the system will charge you flat rate at check-out.

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