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Rainbow Banner Embroidery Board Kit

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Gorgeous Rainbow craft kit makes a fun, handmade product that teaches you how to stitch from Cotton Clara

The rainbow kit is designed to be simple, fun and satisfying to do, but also to look really good hanging up in a little ones bedroom or playroom when you’ve finished. I’ve lost track of the amount of ‘crafts’ my kids have made that have been swiftly recycled!

Children should always be supervised if making the kit. The needle isn’t sharp but they may need your help from time to time to thread the needle or sort out some knotted thread. The kit includes Embroidery needle, embroidery threads in 5 different colours, wooden board, Instructions & handing cord.

Perfect gift idea.

  • Suitable Ages: 8+ (due to the needle)
  • Size: 9.5cm x 11xm
  • Made in the UK