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Sonny Angel Animal Series Version 3

Sonny Angel Animal Series Version 3

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Sonny Angel

Sonny Angel Animal Series Version 3 includes a Zebra, Buffalo, Hippopotamus, Duckbill, Owl, Chameleon, Alpaca, French Bull Dog, Parrot, Lop Ear Rabbit, Gorilla and an American Short Hair - which one will you get?

These are great to swap, play or collect and display on a little shelf in your room with other cute stuff! Which one is your favourite?

Sonny Angel dolls are Japanese and are Kawaii and collectable. These dolls are sold individually as blind boxes so you don't know which one you will receive.

  • Blind boxed.
  • Which animal you receive is unknown until opening the box.
  • 12 versions + a Secret version.
  • 12 all kinds of figure in one assort box(complete).
  • Secret figure is available 1/144.
  • (*please note that 1 secret is not always in one carton.)

Sonny Angel dolls are Japanese and based on the vintage Kewpie doll, they are VERY cute and collectable. Available in sets of 12 or individually as blind boxes. The Angels are approx. 7.5 cm high and 3 cm wide and fit perfectly in your hand, pocket, or handbag. They are made of quality solid plastic.The Sonny Angel head can turn and can come loose, these products are therefore not suitable for children under the age of 3 and are classed as collectables and not toys.



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