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Sonny Angel Wonderland Collectible Figure

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So pleased to have these Limited Edition Sonny Angel in Wonderland collectible figures in stock. The Sonny Angel collection comes in a 'blind box' so you never know which one you'll be getting - it all adds to the fun! 

The Wonderland series features 6 different figures, all inspired by Alice in Wonderland; the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the Teapot, the Rabbit, the Card and Sonny himself!

These figures make a great addition to a Shelf or can be used in all sorts of imaginary play - Sonny Angel figures were first launched in 2004, and now the figures of this Angel boy in amazing outfits and head gears can be found worldwide - and Retro Kids has always been a fan!

  • Size: Approx 7-10cm depending on headgear
  • Suitable: Age 3 +
  • Non Refundable once taken out of the packaging due to Blind Box concept