Brand Spotlight – Sari Ahokainen

Brand Spotlight – Sari Ahokainen

We feel proud to promote and resell the brands and artists that are available at Retro Kids!

There are such a mix of businesses on board that really are amazing, we really wanted you to get to know them better!

So…..we’ve created a Brand Spotlight and invited all our brands and artists to take part.  Here is our first brand……

Sari Ahokainen


1.      Describe your business set up and how long have you been established?

I have designed for quite many years but for a long time it was more like a hobby to me. A couple of years back I started doing this as a full-time job and it has been a dream come true – to do what I really love to do.

2.      Can you tell me about your work studio and where it’s based?

I live in Lappeenranta, Finland and work at home. When I started my design work I only needed a computer in one corner of a room. Now the entire room is crowded with fabrics and I wish I had more space!

3.      What does your typical day involve?

My kids sometimes ask me what I have done during the day. My response is… I designed some, then I designed some more, ate a bit, designed again, designed some more, maybe packed a few orders and visited the post office. But still every day is different!

4.      What products/collection of your brand is your favourite?

All my designs have a special place in my heart but if I have to mention some… a design called RAINBOWPHANT was my first fabric design and PONY BLOOM has loped arround the world and into my heart as well.

5.      How do you gain inspiration for your work?

It is very difficult to say where the inpiration comes from. It can come from anywhere from simple daily tasks to more powerful emotions.

6.      Whose work in the field do you admire and why?

I am not a fan of just one designer – I see great talent in so many. But I don’t think it is just about the designs or products – it’s about the people behind them. I love people who care about each other and think about other things than just profit and money.

7.      How would you describe your style?

I like to look at things from different angles and try to find new approaches even to the most basic daily things. And when designing I definitely don’t want to follow any rules – I follow my heart and feelings.

8.      How did you get started down this route and what did you do prior?

I have an education in occupational therapy but I realized very soon that my true passion is for designing.

9.      What are your goals for the future?

I want to expand my own fabric and garment collections and if I ever get to a point where I can support other people and sponsor some great causes with my work I can say that I have reached my goals.

10.  What did you want to be when you were a kid?

I loved to paint and draw when I was a kid but I thought it could never be a real job that people would respect. Now I know that if you work hard enough you can achieve your goals and you should definitely do what you love – no matter what other people might think of you. We need doctors and lawyers but we also need creative people who make the world a happier and more colourful place.


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