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Kawaii Animal Plushies

Kawaii Animal Plushies Bring Plushies To Life

Kawaii animal plushies are popular for children and those who are children at heart. They form part of the kawaii craze imported to the UK from Japan, which is basically a craze centred on cuteness. Kawaii plushies are identified by their simplicity, with very few facial features and an emphasis on a smiling mouth. Kids and grown-ups are attracted to these retro kids toys because they symbolise cuteness and simplicity. A whole new subculture has emerged in the UK based around these plushies. Animal plushies are a particular favourite as they feature creatures we know so well, combined with other features and made to look cute rather than intimidating.

There are a vast number of animal plushies available on the market. Popular ones include the kawaii dog plush and cat plush options that made cuddly pets even cuter than usual. If you’re looking for a present for an animal-loving child or preteen, a kawaii plushie might be the way to go. There are also other popular animals and beings available, some of which are mythical. Unicorns are a popular plushie because they fit the idea of cuteness that kawaii plushies embody. As a mythical creature, unicorns are able to fit into any genre and, as such, plush unicorns have become some of the best-selling plushies in recent years.

One of the fundamental things to consider when you’re looking at plushies is the safety standard. Buying presents for children is sometimes difficult in terms of personal safety and knowing who to trust. This also goes for buying plushies of good quality. The last thing you want to do is buy a child the gift of a kawaii panda plush and have the seams split the moment you hand it over. When something is trendy, quality is often sacrificed to cheapness. Buying from a better class of supplier, therefore, gives you more confidence in the quality of your animal plushie.

At Retro Kids, we curate a range of retro toys and plushies that we’re proud to give to our own kids to play with. That means we not only look for the wow factor – something that will appeal to children – but also run a strictly critical eye over the safety and quality of products. Plushies should last for years and be little mementoes of cuteness. If you buy a kawaii rabbit plush for a small child, you’d hope they want to hang onto it and look after it. Buy quality plushies from us at and you won’t be disappointed by the item you receive.