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Kawaii Girls Toys

Kawaii Girls Toys Include Dolls

Kawaii girls toys come in various shapes and sizes. It’s certainly true that the craze for kawaii has encompassed every aspect of the market, from plushies and toys up to lighting and furnishing choices. However, dolls remain a staple of the girls’ toy market, and kawaii dolls are a huge part of that for a certain generation. If you’re shopping for kawaii toys as a gift, you might be a bit perplexed about the concept of kawaii and what kind of kawaii dolls are available. But buying kawaii presents is a sure fire to get into a tween or teenager’s good books.

Put simply, kawaii means cuteness. It’s a type of Japanese retro kids fashion from the 1970s which has developed across the Western world to include a certain type of style. It’s essentially cuteness combined with simplicity; and kawaii toys and other products have become symbols of a generation. A kawaii doll is characterised by its bright, simple colour scheme coupled with large eyes and other simple facial features. This can be combined with the doll being a cross between a human and an animal, for instance. These crosses are part of kawaii and they are generally popular for those building kawaii doll collections.

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