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Kawaii Pillows

Kawaii Pillows: Why Kids Are Obsessed With The Cute Plushness Of Kawaii

Kawaii pillows have become an extremely popular product, and it’s not only children that obsess over them. Some adults do too! It isn’t surprising that this is the case, – given that the UK has a penchant for pillows and cushions anyway. Owning soft pillows that also happen to feature the adorable faces of cute baby animals is very tempting for many. Since kids love ‘cute’, it's no surprise that kawaii has become so popular with children – whether in pillow, clothing or toy form. But for all you retro kids feeling a bit confused, don't worry: we're here to fill you in on kawaii; and where to find pillows made in the kawaii style too.

Most Retro Kids Will Have Unwittingly Experienced Kawaii

Kawaii is a catch-all term for a particular Japanese cultural philosophy in product and art design that encapsulates the quality of 'cuteness'. In both historic and modern-day Japan, kawaii references items that are cute, adorable and possess no bad qualities. While you still may feel no closer to identifying kawaii from a kiwi, we're here to tell you that if you’re one of the retro kids generation, you've probably already experience kawaii. Ever heard of Japanese exports 'Kitty Chan' or 'Pocket Monsters'? If not, then what about their more Anglophonic names: 'Hello Kitty' and 'Pokémon'? The characters featured in these series were made according to the kawaii philosophy. Kawaii's historical roots in Japan go far beyond these mainstream global phenomena. However, Japan as a whole country began to embrace kawaii style in a much more open way during the 1990s. The reason? It acted as a sort of antidote to the stress of living in dense urban environments and high intensity lifestyles. In the UK, we've seen a massive increase in advertising of products that strive to be cute or feature cute animals. A large part of this reason is due to the worldwide success of kawaii in demonstrating that cute does indeed sell. So, what has this all got to do with cute kawaii toys or pillows then? Well, kawaii pillows are perhaps one of the most kawaii products there can ever be. Pillows are soft, comforting and relaxing; just like kawaii. So having kawaii plush pillows? Then it becomes even more comforting – especially for kids.

The Beauty Of The Kawaii Cushion

The kawaii cushion will not only serve a role as a pillow or cushion for a child, but it can also help soothe them. We've all experienced, or seen first-hand, the comfort and security derived by children from their cuddly toys. Having a cushion featuring the image of a cute baby animal or cloud with an adorable face, for instance, is a great first defence against those pesky monsters that only seem to appear when adults aren't in the room. While we've mentioned some pretty well-branded examples of kawaii stuff, it's important to note that there are also many small, independent producers and manufacturers of products featuring original kawaii designs. These will all have the characteristic, simplistic features of a favourite animal or an anthropomorphised food item, for example. With large, soft eyes and smiling faces, they will brighten up your child’s room – and their bedtimes too. Kawaii, however, is just one example of a design style that can be featured on kids' pillows. Take, for example, the classic 70s designs of pattern and textile designer Graziela Preiser, or cushions that feature a lot of colours and vibrancy. There is not one 'right' style when it comes to cushions or pillows for kids; you just have to know what kind of cushion would comfort your child the most. At Retro Kids, we offer a huge range of pillow kawaii style products, cushions with retro or traditional designs, and bright vibrant cushions featuring rainbows, flowers or colourful fruits.

Find The Cutest Kawaii Pillows At Retro Kids

So while we at Retro Kids cater to all sorts of styles (and we're talking about you big retro kids too), we've found that many kids today love the look, feel and security offered by kawaii pillows in particular. In a lot of ways, kawaii is a childlike quality and this is what perhaps makes it so popular amongst children today. For that reason, we stock a whole host of different plush pillows made in the kawaii style. If you're interested in finding out about our full collection of pillows and cushions, you can visit right now. Alternatively, if you'd like to have a chat about our services or product range, you can call 0333 3583 228 or email today.