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Retro Brand Toys – Choose Smaller Brands

Retro brand toys often come from some of the big brands of toymakers and some of the large scale imports of retro toys from places like Japan and America. However, there are more retro kids toys options on the market than you might realise. There are plenty of smaller brands available, although it’s true that they can seem quite hidden in the marketplace. In order to find some of the best small brands of retro toys, you’ll likely have to venture onto the internet and find their toys in online stores. While this can be viewed as a hassle, it opens up a whole new world.

If you’re looking to buy retro toys, are you going to be restricted by the big brands on the market? The truth is, there are a lot of smaller brands across the country, lovingly creating and developing beautiful toys retro and otherwise. If you restrict yourself to big brands, then you’ll miss out on some of the unique creations that your child might enjoy more. These obviously vary depending on the age of the child for whom you’re looking for toys. Babies and toddlers will love rattles, for instance; and, while you think that’s a limited market, there are plenty of innovative brands working hard on them.

At Retro Kids, we work with smaller brands along the larger brands that we stock on our website. We know the value of these lesser known brands lies not only in their individuality, but in their unique credentials. The toys on our site aren’t toys you’ll find on the high street or in most online stores. Instead, you’re able to buy a unique toy for your child that you can be almost certain their friends won’t have too. If you’re searching for retro toys to buy, visit our website at and browse through our range of high quality toys from small brands.