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Retro Toys

Retro Toys: Some Classic Examples Of Fun Traditional Toys

Retro toys are always much sought after by those who are looking to relive their youth in some small way. However, there are those toys that are timeless. By that, we don't mean toys that us retro kids associate with an old kids show (like Thunderbirds, Rainbow or He-Man), but toys that have crossed generational borders. These are the types of toys that even our grandparents were playing with – such as wooden blocks, pull-along toys and yo-yos. These are just some examples, but we're going to focus in on two in particular: the egg and spoon and the paratrooper.

Retro Kids Enjoyed Playing With Spoons

The older parents amongst us will remember when there were 'toys' that weren't actually toys, but we played with them anyway. High up on that list (perhaps surprisingly) was the unassuming spoon. We obviously associate spoons with a delicious soup or a lovely dessert, but nearly every child will have used a spoon as a toy at some point – and that's partly thanks to the egg and spoon race. This race continues, even today, to be a tradition observed at sports days in schools across the UK, as well as a fun Easter activity. But it doesn't just need to be consigned to an annual event, as it makes for a great fun activity to do with the kids. It's great for child development, as it requires physical exercise, co-ordination and balance. However, you don't want your living room sofa coated with the shells, whites and yolks of broken eggs! Nor do you want to find that all of your best spoons have taken a trip through the muck. But there's no need to worry, because the best stockists of toys retro for kids will have an egg and spoon race set for sale, complete with fake eggs and spoons. This is a great (and clean) way to introduce these popular retro kids toys to your children. It also serves as great extra practice for sports day, so your kids can then wow their friends with their balance and co-ordination.

The Paratrooper Is One Of The Best Retro Toys For Children

Back in the days when retro toys were far more gendered, boys were taught to love everything to do with adventures, military and cars. Out of that grew an obsession for toy soldiers which, to some degree, still continues to today. But there was one toy that even those kids who didn't dream of great military battles loved: the paratrooper. Amongst all of the retro toys for children, the paratrooper remains one of the easiest to translate to the children of today. Who doesn't love the idea of a parachuting soldier 'jumping' out of a window and then watching them navigate their way down to the ground with precision and skill? Okay, replace 'jumping' with 'being flung', and you've got the paratrooper. This little plastic soldier came with a small loop on top of their heads where a small paper or plastic parachute could be attached. Fling the soldier into the air and they fall back down to earth with parachute in tow. For kids, it's a wondrous sight that is perhaps similar, in adult terms, to watching a chandelier falling in slow motion. So these are just a few examples of great vintage toys that children today can still enjoy. But where can you find them? Thankfully, you needn't look far. At Retro Kids, we sell everything kitsch – from vintage knick-knacks, to retro baby toys and even plush kawaii cushion pillows.

Buy Some Retro Toys For The Kids Of Today With Retro Kids

At Retro Kids, we love the magic of imagination that comes with retro toys. While today's toys and technological gadgetry can give kids a whole set of skills, they also lack the physicality and learning potential that only an old fashioned physical toy could provide. The paratrooper allows kids to begin to understand how physics work, while the egg and spoon teaches co-ordination and balance. These are the things that we retro kids learned thanks to our toys, so why lose a winning formula? That's exactly why we stock these and many more terrific toys from the past. To see our full collection of traditional toys and cute accessories, please visit Have a question? Just call 0333 3583 228 or email today.