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Retro Baby Clothes

Retro Baby Clothes: Why Are They Back In Fashion?

Retro baby clothes have made something of a comeback in recent years. While there could be a number of reasons for this trend, one cannot discount the Royal effect. Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte have both been snapped with Prince William and the Duchess of Catherine looking like retro kids in their vintage baby clothes. This cute retro style caused a bit of a publicity storm, with many parents rushing to find baby clothes with a vintage look. But how can you find such clothing? And are there advantages or disadvantages to your child from wearing such apparel?

Tips For Finding Retro Kids Baby Clothing

So when it comes to baby girl and baby boy retro clothes, where should you look and what should you look out for? For authentic vintage baby clothing, it can be a great idea to rummage around in the loft or attic, if you or your family are still living in the home you grew up in. This can be a great way to find those old baby clothes that you wore. You could also look through charity shops, search online marketplaces or even visit some car boot sales. However, there can be disadvantages to finding these old retro style baby clothes. Old clothing was constructed in a rather different way from modern baby clothing. Because babies used to wear thicker nappies, older clothing will have more room in the seat area. Also, the shapes and sizes of children have altered over the years. Sizing on such labels will be outdated, so you will need to use a measuring tape to determine the right size for your child. Dresses tended to be made shorter too, as was the fashion. Moreover, old clothing is likely to have stains, although these can often be treated by using a chemical solution before laundering them. Older clothing may also contain elastic that is weak and stretched out due to deterioration over time. Lastly, such clothing can also contain hazards such loose buttons or tie strings that are overly long – safety standards have become more rigorous of late. These are just a few of the things to consider when looking for vintage baby clothing from years ago.

Old Baby Retro Clothes May Have Been Unethically Produced

Not only are there issues when it comes to the safety and hygiene of having your child dressed in old baby retro clothes, there is also another contentious issue: the ethical quandary it can pose. Older baby clothes would likely have used materials that were procured through means that, today, we would dub 'unethical'. Due to an increasing desire for products made in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly way, many producers are beginning to understand that customers want to know how their products have been made. While there may be some retro baby clothes made with such an ethos in mind, overall it is less likely to have been the case. However, it is possible to find baby clothes made in a retro style, but that are completely brand new. There are producers out there of retro baby clothing who take into account the impact of their production process. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is one such example of a set of standards that many socially-responsible producers strive to put in place during the production of their clothing. This organisation ensures that textiles are made from harvested organic materials, that the clothes and retro kid gifts are manufactured with environmental friendliness in mind, and also offer labelling to provide assurance to the customer regarding these factors. Another such organisation providing environmentally friendly certification is Oeko-Tex. But how on earth do you find baby clothes retro or vintage style that have such labels? Simply head to Retro Kids. This online store stocks stock retro baby clothing that come complete with the GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified labels.

Shop At Retro Kids For Retro Baby Clothes

At Retro Kids, we know you care about where your products come from and who has made them. It's why we stock great retro baby clothes from socially-responsible manufacturers such as 4funkyflavours and KATVIG. The range for retro kids baby clothing extends from newborn and 0-6 months, all the way up to 18-24 months. KATVIG are known for their ethical considerations and their clothing is compatible with the Global Organic Textile Standard, while 4funkyflavours' clothing features the Confidence in Textiles label which signifies that it has been Oeko-Tex certified. To see our full range of clothing, plus all of the other delightful retro and traditional products we stock, just visit today. For more on our products, call us on 0333 3583 228 or email