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Retro Kids Gifts

Retro Kids Gifts Coming Back Into Fashion

Retro kids gifts are what a lot of adults look for when seeking a gift for a child. Whether it's a present for your own child, a family member or a friend's child, it's often the case that we retro kids want to introduce the younger generation to aspects of our generation’s lives. A great way this is often done is through gifts of older toys. Unlike moody teens, young children can have a rather timeless view of things. It's why many of us grew up watching cartoons or re-runs of TV shows from 10 years before we were born!

Retro Kids Can Bring Back Creativity

There's something that us retro kids never really lacked in: creativity. A stick became a baton, a gun, a sword, a wand or, well, just a stick. However, today's kids have never been more 'spoon-fed', thanks to the marvels of technology and video games. However, despite many parents admitting in surveys that they don't have the time to be creative with their kids, these same surveys have also revealed the kids actually value being creative over playing video games. There are so many simple, traditional retro girls toys and retro boys’ or retro baby clothes gifts that can help kids channel their creative side. Take, for example, an alphabet stamp set. Kids will love using these stamps to creatively form words and sentences, while also learning how to spell better. Or how about a chalkboard? Kids love to doodle, so a chalkboard is a perfect way for them to get creative without using up loads of paper. Creative classic retro toys don't need to just involve writing or drawing either, they can also involve using the imagination too. While some video games can involve inspiring the imagination, they just can't do so in a physical, tactile sense. So why not buy them a traditional pretend tea party set? They can have fun with their friends (imagined, cuddly or real), 'drink' tea and 'eat' biscuits. These are just a few of the ways in which traditional or retro kids gifts can still play a part in a child's creative development today.

Pull-Along Toys Make For Great Retro Baby Gifts

When we think of traditional toys, there are certainly a few that spring to mind. One such grouping of retro baby items that still hold relevance today are pull-along toys. These traditional toys have an exceedingly long history, with the first examples thought to date back to Greece and Egypt circa 2000 B.C. There are very good reasons why this toy has stood the test of time and why they make great retro baby gifts. Firstly, they offer terrific educational value – especially for toddlers. They involve learning to push and pull, and offer an early introduction to science, such as how motion works. Not only that, but if the pull-along toy gets stuck on an obstacle, they'll need to problem-solve. Secondly, these toys are generally built to be incredibly durable to the careless nature of young children. This ensures that your gift won't be destroyed within a single day! There are also different types of pull-along toys available too. Some are in the shape of animals; others in the shape of vehicles. Some are suited to 1-year-old children; while others have small parts that would be choking hazards for under 3-year-olds. Some are made of plastic; others are made of wood. So you can decide – from a variety of choices – what would be the best gift for your child. These are just some of the retro gifts that are coming back into fashion today. So where can you find these toys and gifts? At Retro Kids, we stock all of the above gift ideas: traditional pull-along toys, cute chalkboards, wooden biscuits for pretend tea parties, and alphabet stamp sets.

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